My current work analyses the challenges of UK Security Force Assistance in Nigeria.

Some of the findings are disseminated on my blog, but do get in contact if you would like to discuss more.

Problematic quick fixes for Africa’s (Counter)Insurgencies

The persistence, growing violence and sophistication of terrorist attacks in African insurgencies have prompted debates whether the continent will overtake the Middle East and become next “theatre of violent jihad”. The latest Global Terrorism Index report seem to confirm analysts’ worries. While the total number of deaths from terrorism declined for the fifth consecutive year…

Overcoming Area Studies’ Policy-Relevant Research Problem: The Case of the Sahel

Abstract Despite seven years of external military interventions to counter violent extremism, the security situation in the Sahel continues to deteriorate. Hard military approaches predominate in the region despite widespread recognition amongst Sahel specialists that the militarisation of the Sahel may actually be getting in the way of the search for a long-term political solution.…