Publications & Experience



Chafer, T., Stoddard, E. and Toltica, S., 2020. Overcoming Area Studies’ Policy-Relevant Research Problem: The Case of the SahelNew Area Studies, 1(1), pp.25–40.

Ed Stoddard & Sorina Toltica. 2021. Practising remote warfare: analysing the remote character of the Saudi/UAE intervention in Yemen. Defence Studies, 21(4), pp. 447-467. DOI:

Sorina Toltica. 2021. Insurgency and War in Nigeria, Regional Fracture and the Fight Against Boko Haram, Civil Wars. DOI: 10.1080/13698249.2021.2003476


UKRI Policy Intern

UK Department for International Development

Completion of rapid science and technical advice on live policy and research areas. Co-edited paper on Principles of Health Systems Resilience in the Context of COVID-19 Response and several internal research pieces on fragility.

WARN Intern


Conflict and peace assessments. Data gathering, analysis and report writing for WARN (West Africa Early Warning and Early Response Network).

IR Lecturer

University of Portsmouth

Lectures, seminar tutoring, essay and exam marking.

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